Cosmetic Procedures

Facial and Neck Lift:

Individualized, less invasive suspension face lifts with or without incisions made directly on the face, and neck lifts with a low downtime.

The trend in the field of facial plastic surgery is toward a less invasive facelift. The traditional facelift is costly and can require several months of recovery time. Our minimally invasive facelift can be done in office with a combination of local anesthesia and sedation. This procedure therefore carries none of the risks associated with general anesthesia. There is a shorter recovery time, less risk with wound healing, and the cost is significantly lower than that of the traditional facelift.

Procedure: Our procedure is not a “mini-lift”. Most mini-lifts only tighten loose skin of the lower face and often do not address laxity of the neck. Our surgical procedure permanently tightens the underlying muscles and supporting tissues of the lower face and neck providing dramatic and long-lasting results. Gravity and the aging process continue, but you will always have some remaining benefit from this surgery. Factors such as lifestyle, skin type, heredity, and sun exposure will influence the long term result. The incision is placed in the natural crease of the facial skin and begins inside the hairline, in the temple area above the ear. It continues in front of the ear around the earlobe and behind the ear. The skin is lifted outward and the surgeon tightens and repositions the underlying muscles and tissues. Excess skin and fat may be removed.  The incision is then closed with fine sutures.

Recovery: Temporary bruising and swelling are expected. Utilizing the post-operative dressings will promote a more rapid recovery. The “downtime” for most patients is generally in 2 (two) weeks or less, some patients do very well in less than a week.  Sutures are usually removed after 10 (ten) days and most patients are able to resume normal activities afterwards

Risks: There are risks with any type of surgery, including cosmetic surgery. Post-operative bleeding and swelling and visible scars are among the risks. Smoking cessation, controlling and monitoring your blood pressure and complying with the post operative instructions will significantly reduce these risks.

Results: This procedure provides a “natural” post-operative appearance. We strive to avoid the “wind-blown” or “pulled-back” look that results from the aggressive traditional facelift performed in earlier years. Every person is different, results will vary.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgical Procedure: Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift)

Sagging skin of the eyelids or bags on the lower eye area can often be corrected with a relatively simply surgical procedure known as Blepharoplasty. This procedure is commonly referred to as an eyelid lift. This surgical procedure is performed in-office and involves removing excess skin and fat, or tightening lax muscles to improve the appearance around the eyes. Though Blepharoplasty can be performed as a single procedure, physicians often recommend a combination of treatments to achieve the best and most dramatic results. As successful as this procedure can be, it is important to realize that this type of surgery does have limitations. For the most part, Blepharoplasty will only remove wrinkles that are physically cut away; it does not eliminate “crow’s feet”, lift the eyebrows, or alter skin discolorations such as natural discoloration under the eye. Those concerns can potentially be corrected through BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, laser resurfacing treatments or having a surgical brow lift procedure. Patients that experience difficulties with vision due to an excess amount of skin hanging over the eyelid will notice a great improvement.

Brow Lift :

A Brow Lift minimizes frown lines and furrows in the forehead by lifting droopy brows. Over time facial movements and stress can often make people look older and tired. Eyebrow lifts can help provide a younger, refreshed appearance.

Scar and Deep Line Lift/ Mini Diamond Wire Lift:

Incisionless, no scar lift for deep forehead lines, smile lines (nasolabial fold), superior alternative to repeated fillers.

Body Jet Liposuction/Aqua Shape by Body Jet:

AquaShape is an innovative liposuction and fat transfer procedure that taps into your own natural resources to help replenish and restore your youthful beauty. Safe, simple and effective, the AquaShape procedure removes unwanted fat as well as restores your natural contour to the face, hands, breasts and buttocks. Unlike temporary tissue fillers, collagen and implants, AquaShape uses your body’s own natural fat to achieve exceptional, long-lasting results with minimal patient downtime.

** These procedures can be performed in office under local anesthesia.


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